I have a small herd of Tibetan yaks, 2 yearling bulls, 2 cows, a heifer, and a young bull calf.

Info on yaks: http://www.iyak.org/yak-uses.html

These are some pictures of my yaks.

This is me and my youngest yak cow. I’m a good 2ft taller than she is.

yakselfie1 yakselfie2 yakselfie3


Me and the herd:

11072425_1017979988230025_693194401_n  11079700_1017979951563362_930222833_n11081416_1017980048230019_1418793234_n

My youngest yak bull calf:



My oldest cow and the stern matriarch of the herd:

11076820_1017980061563351_1045951952_n 11079322_1017980074896683_93709466_n



5 Responses to Yaks

  1. Lawrence Rickson

    Hey Nick,
    Loved your new show with Mr. Spirko! Are you going to do another podcast soon? Love all your stuff so far. Thanks for all the good info. -Larry

  2. Niko Economides

    Hay Nick, just listened to you’re interview on Jacks show. Good job I’m interested in yaks on my homestead so I thought I’d listen to the interview. Wood carving is my main income and I had gouge and mallet in hand so I had a laugh when you said it may be a nice future income to carve, while listening to podcasts! And my name in Nick!

  3. Nathan

    Great show, I think you and Jack have a lot in common and would profit from doing future shows together about permaculture and all that. Great pictures, although I expected them to be yak-selfies. 🙂

  4. Catskill_Frank

    Hey Nick!
    Just heard you on TSP with Jack Spirko. Amazing show and thanks so much for sharing! After listening to the show, I went to your website and even started doing research on yaks. I’ll be following you and your success. Best of luck and you may just have some orders from the East coast in the future!

  5. Just listening to your podcast on school sucks. I just sent an email to the survival podcast I think jack would love to interview you. I don’t know if you listen to it but I think you would like it – the show is all about increasing personal liberty and thereby being more resilient to disaster. He”a very entrepreneurial very into critical thinking and permaculture.

    Anyway I think you’d enjoy it listen to a few ( if you haven’t allreAdy).

    To apply you can go here



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