Yakkin With Nick Ep.2 Just Yakkin

I talk about the direction of the show and why I’m doing this. We’ll kick off some really cool content this week.


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2 Responses to Yakkin With Nick Ep.2 Just Yakkin

  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    Some things I would like to know that are business related are where can I buy a yak burger to try it out. The same thing with your grass fed pork. Why is grass fed better taste wise and health wise compared to mass produced meats. How does raising animals in a humane fashion differ from animals raised to get mass produced meat? Why should I buy locally?
    Starting in March I will pledge $5 per month to Yakkin With Nick. I hope you will stay on Sticher as I can starty and stop then take off where I stopped.

    • Nick

      I’ll plan on doing an episode on that soon!
      I will be on Stitcher if I can, I submitted the show to Stitcher, now I’m waiting to hear back.
      Thank you for the support!

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