Yakkin With Nick Ep.3 Salesmanship With Drew Sample

I’m trying to figure out how to make money off the farm, and part of that is getting better at selling. Drew Sample has spent much of his time as a salesman, and I know he has some expertise in this area, so I wanted to talk to him about sales to get some advice. Drew is also a podcaster, so we decided to record this talk, I figured y’all might enjoy hearing some about what it really takes to run a business and be successful. Marketing and sales is a huge part of business.

You can find Drew’s work at http://samplehour.com/

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4 Responses to Yakkin With Nick Ep.3 Salesmanship With Drew Sample

  1. Jacob Coulter

    Great conversation. Comment about your site, I was jumping through hoops trying to subscribe but I couldn’t find the feed apart from the widgets on the sidebar. Please consider making an rss feed link somewhere where a user can see it immediately so they don’t give up when they want to subscribe without stitcher. The feed I eventually found seems to be an old one too, as it doesn’t have the podcasts since your renumbering.

  2. I meant to say fresh sheet/ infograph. I struggle with english.

  3. Geoffrey Hazelton

    Lots of practical tips from Drew. I like his idea of a price sheet you can leave with prospects. Maybe a picture of Prince or other farm scenes with the prices and contact information printed on it. Include your picture on it as well.
    Some items we dicussed by phone not covered with Drew:
    What is the customer’s need? Why would be buy from you: likes the taste & health benefits, likes buying locally, wants something different, wants to support a young business. You find out his wants by asking questions and getting to know him personally. Check with past customers, why did they buy.

    Keep a profile on each prospect. At least name , contact information, and best time to call. But also any personal information you learn on each visit. Maybe you can keep the information on your phone.

    On coverage pick out the customer with the best potential for an immediate sale and get an appointment or make sure you will see them. Then stay in that town to visit three or four others with less or little potential or visit prospects on your route home. This is better than seeing the hot prospect and then going on to the next hottest prospect. You see more people and maintain contact with lower potential customers.

    Spend time preparing for your visits: review their web sites and your notes from past visits.

    The biggest hurdle in sales is to ask for the order. You can ask in a soft way like ” did you want do something on this today?” but do ask. The customer expects you to ask, but if you don’t his inclination is to wait until next time.

    FYI there is an indoor farmers market in Salem on Saturdays. You might want to check it out. Also “Adams Rib BBQ” is going to open a downtown restaurant in Salem with gormet burgers. I heard this on KYKN 1400.

    And since I’m rambling why aren’t you pushing pork? You have a minimal investment in these animals and can increase the herd quickly. while you are in cash crunch time sell some even at bargain prices.

  4. First Alternative Co-op really didn’t think their naming through.

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