Ep.86 Mindmapping(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Nick talks about his process of making mindmaps, a process passed on from his grandfather to him.



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  2. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I am very pleased you are utilizing what we discussed. The next step is making decisions. You touched on this by deciding which of your categories was most important, which was second in importance, and so on through them all. Making these decisions is key to the process. You may even at this juncture to decide to drop a category if you feel you may be trying to do too much. Or keep it for later but decide not to spend any time on it for now.

    Now take your most important category page (work, farm in your case) which you have fleshed out with tasks: purchase two more yaks, renew licenses, build dividing fences, determine product to sell, how to market, and so on. Now the key is to DECIDE when you are going to do these tasks and put them down in your planner. Then on to the next most important category (pod casts). Some of your time is committed: Porkfest, Feens, weekly pod casts so block these out in your planner. DECIDE when you will do the prep time and put it in your planner. Go through each category DECIDING when you will do the task and putting it in your planner. You will find you need to adjust your planner and likely you will find do not have time to do it all. So it is DECISION time again and time again to PRIORITIZE which of these tasks to keep and which must be dropped or postponed. Now go back to the mind map and note the date for each task as it goes into the planner or do it as you go. Now you have a plan and you can adjust it as needed. You will be amazed at how much you get done with much less stress.

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