Ep.8 Convo with Christian Seger on Farming-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast


Christian Seger of Blue Heron Farm and I talk about both of our farming adventures. He and his wife run a goat dairy outside of Houston, Texas. We talked about farming and eventually a little bit about schooling.

Find them at their website and Facebook page.


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3 Responses to Ep.8 Convo with Christian Seger on Farming-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Gretchen

    My husband and I are interested in small farming and going VERY slow about it. I really enjoyed this show topic. Keep yakkin, Nick!

  2. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I enjoyed the discussion. I trust you have checked youtube for yak ranching. The one I listened to: Yaks the Answer for Small Farms had some interesting stuff on taming yak calves. FYI on this podcast near the end you are talking over the guest with your ending comments so try to edit that out.

    • Nick

      I unfortunately can’t fix that. Too late. That’s what you get when you stay up late editing and not checking your work. That’s a simple task I could have fixed if I had payed attention. I’ll be doing better checks on the editing, thanks for pointing that out.

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