Ep.62 Self-Education Review with Joshua Sheats(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Joshua Sheats of the Radical Personal Finance Podcast joins me to talk about my self-education plan from a financial standpoint. Joshua provides some great insight on business planning. Definitely a favorite of mine.


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  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    This is maybe the most thought provoking show so far. Joshua has thrown in quite a dose of reality as well as an excellent approach to the planning process. First the “why” : why market yaks as the priority and not the pigs, why the dairy versus meat and fiber, Why the podcasts as the priority over the farming ( if it is), why any time spent on the Libertarian party. The approach of the new year is a great time to adjust plans and perhaps goals. The long term goal of financial independence and personal happiness are great in my opinion and I am confident you will get there before you know it. Joshua has given you a way to access your plans: ” the numbers will give you the answers”.
    As a very interested “outsider looking in” it seems to me your main effort at this point should be marketing. I think your numbers will show selling pasture raised pork meat will bring in the most income over the short term. If true this is where your time priority needs to be. The other interests such as yaks and podcasts need not be dropped but concentrate on that which brings in the highest immediate return.
    On another subject wanting independence from your parents at your age is as natural as breathing. You are designed this way, we all are, or were. You will think you are ready before you really are and your parents will not think you are ready when you really are. That’s how it works but making your own money speeds up the process.

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