Ep.57 My Struggle with Depression and How Stoicism Helped.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

This is definitely the most personal I’ve gotten on the microphone. I talk about my struggles in life and how I’ve used stoicism and other things to overcome them. It starts out sad, but I promise I bring it back in the 3rd act to a happy ending, where I end up bragging about how great my life is.

Thank you to the listeners, especially Lane Raper who donated to the show this week.


School Sucks Series on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: http://schoolsucksproject.com/category/podcast/adverse-childhood-experiences-and-resilience/




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2 Responses to Ep.57 My Struggle with Depression and How Stoicism Helped.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Craig

    Great episode. You made me realize that I use negative visualization often. I find it helpful in many aspects of my life. It can be difficult sometimes and even feel morbid.

  2. Geoffrey Hazelton

    This is quite a remarkable podcast. I am hopeful that others will gain some insight from your journey. This would be especially true for other teens, but also for others that face some of life’s really hard knocks for which they may not be equipped to handle. The “aces” study covered by School Sucks was interesting to the extreme for me and was covered by them better than other sources I have explored.
    I thank you for introducing me to Stoicism and I endorse it as well as a very practical approach to keeping life more enjoyable. One aspect you did not cover is when setting goals the way to keep them in your control is to strive to do your personal best. That way any goal is reachable. In my reading so far Stoicism does not explore forgiveness. This aspect of Christianity is one of best ways to keep life peaceful. Forgiveness, especially of yourself is so very important to all of us. We did the best we could at time with the tools we had at that moment.

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