Ep.50 Anarchy/Autarchy/Panarchy.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast


I talk about politics some more. Build off our foundations into the ideas of anarchy, autarchy, and panarchy. I cover coercive government vs. liberty as well.


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  1. Arthur

    Hi, Enjoyed your podcast yound man. I’m an “old dude” – 70, but I don’t really relate to it. 🙂 I had never eh==heard of the term “Panarchy” un til just a couple days ago andits compeled me to delve into that world for a broader view.

    I find the term descriptive of what has synthesized over the years into my political, spiritual and social view, so its been a joy to have discovered it so recently. Pierre Teilhard de Charding, (see Wiki) , may perhaps have equated it to his own coined word “Nooshere” as both terms describe an end result.

    Simply put, I do believe that this world is confluently synthesising into One for lack of a better word because there isn’t one (grin).

    Anyway I will try to listen to more of your thoughts if I ever find this site again. I am going to give the Tune in app to see if I can subscribe to Anarcho.

    Its good to see young people thinking. Gives me greater hope.

    Peace my friend,

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