Ep.45 The Case Against CPS, Nihilism, and Faith with Carlos Morales.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Carlos Morales from the Libertarian-Atheist Podcast talk about his work as a Child Protective Services Investigator, his book “Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services” , issues with nihilism, faith, and religion.


Legally Kidnapped: http://www.legallykidnapped.net/

Libertarian-Atheist Podcast: http://www.libertarian-atheist.com/

Carlos on Liberty.me: https://carlosmorales.liberty.me/

Truth Over Comfort: http://www.cpsvictimsupport.com/

School Sucks: http://schoolsucksproject.com/

Tom Woods: http://tomwoods.com/


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One Response to Ep.45 The Case Against CPS, Nihilism, and Faith with Carlos Morales.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    This was a thought provoking program. The information on The Child Protective Service was new to me but not surprising.

    I want to comment on Atheism. Carlos dwells on the lack of evidence but that makes little sense to me. What happened to the law of cause and effect? Nature gives endless evidence of an intelligence creating perfection and beauty throughout the world and the universe. That we cannot comprehend what is behind creation does not allow that “it just happened”.

    All learned minds throughout the ages have recognized that something caused the effects we observe. Small or less inquiring minds have come up with “a man in the sky”, the sun, etc., but real truth seekers go deeper.

    The Stoic Seneca quoted Plato in stating; ‘these five causes: the material, the agent, the form, the model, and the end. The maker is God; matter is the material; the form is the layout of the universe as we see it; the model is the pattern God adopted for the stupendous work in all it’s beauty; the end God had in view-is goodness.’

    All great minds from Greek and Roman Stoics to Einstein of today recognized there is a God, maybe not what Christianity and other religions believe, but an intelligent creator of some sort. For lack of words they called it God.

    Now you as a truth seeker, with a gifted mind, you should contemplate if there is an entity we call God, can we communicate with this entity and does it have any interest in us.

    Seneca states ” in the same way the sun’s rays touch the earth but are really situated at the point from which they emanate, a soul possessed of greatness and Holiness, which has been sent down into this world in order that we may gain a nearer knowledge of the divine, associates with us but never loses contact with its source.”

    So I would recommend you do not try to change people’s religious beliefs via your podcasts in a mocking manner which Carlos was using. Exploring spirituality is a touchy subject but an important endeavor worthy of your time.

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