Ep.38 Raising Tiny Dinosaurs with Lance Davis.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Lance and I have been talking about hogs and chickens for a while. We were talking about birds this week, and I invited him on the show. Really great information.

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  1. Paul Stelzig

    We are on our 3rd summer with chickens, We ordered a few breeds the first year to see which ones we liked keeping and which were the best for eating. We got Buff Orpingtons, Brahmas, Jersey Giants, and Cornish cross hybrids. We butchered all hybrid meat birds and the males of the other breeds. The biggest issue with the Hybrids was keeping the other birds from eating them, the meat tasted like store bought chicken, maybe a bit better but not much different. The Orpingtons were the nicest ones to handle, and their meat had a excellent flavor closer to turkey than commercial chicken. The Brahmas we had were mean they has little meat and it didn’t taste any better than the hybrids. The Jerseys were easy to deal with but they were still smaller than the others when we butchered them.

    The birds lived in a tractor all summer and we ended up selling off the hens before winter because we ran out of time to finish a coop before winter.

    Last summer we got more birds, Orpingtons were at the top of the list, we also got some more of the Hybrid meat birds and some Jersey Giant and Wyandottes pullets. The Wyandottes are not the nicest birds and they are small birds but they lay more eggs per week than the Orpingtons. My son showed a trio of Orps and a pair of the meat birds at the fair for 4H.

    This summer we got some Delawares, Brown Leghorns, Cornish and some bantams that my son was going to show for 4H, but all poultry showing has been canceled this year. This years birds aren’t laying yet but the Delawares are some of the friendliest chickens we’ve had so far and they are filling out and getting heavy, they might be reasonable meat birds. The leghorns are tiny and flighty, but they are said to be good egg producers.

    The coop we have the adult birds in is 5’x10′ and we had 15 birds in it for the winter (I’m in Minnesota) I think it would have been fine with a few more chickens maybe 20 max. I don’t know that I’d want to have much more than about 10 birds in a coop the size of a bunk bed for winter.

    Most hatcheries I’ve dealt want you to order 2 dozen chicks and they tend to want you to order breeds in lots of 6 minimum. If you order all straight run about half should be male so in the fall you will have some meat for the freezer and be down to a reasonable size flock for your coop for winter.

    TL,DR Get a few breeds see what you like, I strongly recommend Orpingtons for personality and taste, Delawares seem to be good birds also. Go for straight run it’s cheaper and you get meat.

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