Ep.31 Updates and Podcast Plan.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

I do an almost completely non-scripted show by myself. Giving ya’ll an update on what’s going on. New yaks today, finally getting out of school, and some plans for the show. If you have any ideas, criticism, or would like to come on the show. Hit me up.



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  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I think this went quite smoothly especially as a solo and with a minimum of notes. I found it really interesting and you didn’t dwell in any one area too long. I also like the length of 32 minutes. When you use terms like LRN please define what that is. I may not be the only listener that’s not into pod casts other than yours. So what is LRN?
    I will be very interested in your self education plan as will other listeners. So really out of school, that’s exciting! Your dad reminded me recently of one of my favorite sayings: “leap and the net will appear”.
    I listened to a review of the book The Road To Character by David Brooks and it had many ideas for future pod casts. They discussed the contrast in spending life building a resume, worldly accomplishments, and building a
    eulogy: honesty, compassion, kindness, ability to love, humility, integrity, bravery. As you think about ethics building character has to be essential.

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