Ep.28 Interview with Mason McQuivey.Anarcho-Yakitalist Podcast

14 year old Mason McQuivey and I talk about what he’s doing, and the discussion his class had about the true nature of schooling.


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  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I really like the idea of highlighting young people who are standouts for their age groups. The discussion of the difference between education and schooling is a recurring theme but an important one. This could be further developed with Mason with his outside interests in baseball, shooting, and reading. What has he done to develop this endeavors? These are all outside of schooling but are wide open in terms of learning.
    You also touched on the role innovation can play in teaching. Some teachers are very good at this, turning an otherwise boring subject into something very interesting. Mason used a good example for using a hands on putting bike parts together for sparking initial interest in science. History and literature come to mind that are wide open for innovation. A thought came to mind about maybe using schooling to be more aimed at learning is the Montessori
    method where students are offered a variety of subjects and they choose one that interests them. They then pursue this until their interest wanes and then they must choose another.
    A minor criticism: you stumbled a little at times when gathering your thoughts. Remaining silent at these times will be less distracting and the pause is really much shorter than you think.

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