Ep. 26 Tyler Boggs of Heart 2 Heart Farms.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Tyler Boggs and I talk about his family farm, Heart 2 Heart Farms, which is located in Sherwood OR. Our topics range from what they’re doing on the farm to having compassion for your enemies. Heart 2 Heart was attacked viciously online by animal rights activists, and it’s been a difficult experience for his family. Tyler expresses wise words about how we can work together towards a common goal.


Website: http://heart2heartfarms.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Heart2HeartFarms



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4 Responses to Ep. 26 Tyler Boggs of Heart 2 Heart Farms.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Susan Licari

    Where is the proof of these supposed threats from animal rights activists? Oh ya…there are NONE because there were none. Tyler Boggs has NOT provided the proof….he is a liar. So, your podcast is full of lies.

    • Nick

      The FBI doesn’t show up to people’s houses for no reason. He’s got enough coverage on the threats that I’m going to trust that it happened. I think you have a genuine and legitimate criticism though. And I have requested that they show me some evidence. They’re mailing it to me, and I will let you know what it is and when it gets here.
      But I hope that’s not all you got out of this show. I think we made our point clear about trying to work together to solve issues.

      I hate to be nitpicky, but one of my pet peeves is people using the word “proof” wrong. You mean “evidence”. The dictionary will say you used it correctly, but proof is pretty much limited to mathematics.
      But anyway, thank you for responding.

    • Nick

      Here is what Tyler sent me:
      Here are some of the links posted against us and threads from Facebook-The screenshots are disorganized and hard to follow, but the threats are quite real

      This video was just made specific to heart to heart:
      BOYCOTT Heart 2 Heart Farms

      These are the same youtube channel-very worrisome:
      How to Raid a Farm (illegal farm raid)

      Here is one of their hate pages about us:

      Here is another hate group:

      The Facebook event “Leave a one-star review for Heart 2 Heart Farms” was to help people destroy our facebook page…it was hidden recently, but I attached text, and will send screenshots.

      This group is to call the newspaper and report us:

      This is one of their main pages.

      I have terrible cell service out at the farm, and I get about 40 voicemails every day, so I am slow to respond via phone, but I am almost ALWAYS available by text. 503-519-2127. Or…if you need a quicker response, you can contact our farm manager Joshua at 708-528-0406.


  2. Geoffrey Hazelton

    You have got to visit this place, me too. You can get a wealth of ideas from these people. Pretty amazing what can be done with ten acres. The partially underground greenhouse was interesting and looked doable. Their video makes me think you may want to record your beginnings as well.
    The experience with PETA sounded terrible. What I know of PETA they are like many environmental groups that have attracted well meaning people but have been taken over by well organized radical left zealots.
    A small criticism, you over use the word “absolutely” when you are in agreement with something.

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