Ep.23 Farm Update.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

I didn’t get the show I wanted to get to you guys today, but I decided to give an update on what was up. I said it was the 22nd episode, but it’s really the 23rd.

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2 Responses to Ep.23 Farm Update.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    Sounds like the yaks need some taming. The youtube on yak ranching suggests separating the calves, penning them, and feeding from a bucket with a nipple on the side of the bucket(cows milk). This allows you to get in with them to touch them and get them tame by you being with them. He explains this is a good feature when he sells live animals and I suppose will make them easier to handle even if you don’t sell them.
    Too bad about losing some piglets. You certainly are on a steep learning curve. You might want to keep a diary with the idea of possibility writing a book some day.
    I am looking forward to your ideas on self directed learning and house building.
    Love, Grandpa

    • Nick

      I should’ve done that with these calves, and intend to do so next batch.

      My dad and I have always had the idea of filming what we do. I think Hazelton’s are the kind of people that have to do things a few times and fail to really get it. It would be great to document our failed processes.

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