Ep.22 Dropping More Mad Scientists With Lousander Feen.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Lousander Feen and I talk about the religion of statism, and how terrible it can be.

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4 Responses to Ep.22 Dropping More Mad Scientists With Lousander Feen.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

  1. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I guess I see the American experiment as an important stepping stone in the progress toward greater liberty. Prior to this you had variations of authoritarian systems based mainly on the divine right of royalty and privileged elites while the masses just toiled on the edge of life. Rule by the people was revolutionary in it’s time, and indeed still is. Nothing like it has ever existed in history. To discredit this by dwelling on it’s imperfections is counterproductive in my opinion if your intent is to win over more people. You can certainly be aware of the imperfections but politically it is better to walk softly. The next move which hopefully will come in your lifetime is to take the next step toward liberty which will involve minimizing government, freedom of choice, and protection of private property. You are correct in working on those who want to listen and not argue with those who are not open to the new but why needlessly turn off some of the persuadable.

    I was not aware of some of the political ideas of Objectivism prior to listening to School Sucks but agree this doesn’t appear to promote liberty.
    Love, Grandpa

    • Nick

      I’ll give you that. It was an interesting and revolutionary(pun intended) idea and experiment. But it quickly devolved into a system where the privileged elites abused the masses. Washington and Hamilton were crooks from the start. I get the well intentions, but the system they created got us here. Either it was designed to do so, or it failed to prevent it. Rome was a republic, and it led to a monarchy as well. History rhymes.
      I don’t believe we should give the American system much credit. There are so many things I would change to make it better, I plan on doing a show on this in the future. But it wasn’t that great of a system, and I refuse to make it seem like it ever was. If that turns off people, they’re not very critically minded. The point of my podcast isn’t really to convince everybody to be anarchists, it’s more to get my ideas out for whoever will listen.
      I am much more careful when I have one on one’s with people. When I work with LPO, I don’t want to push the anarchy card. That’s where I want to convince everybody I can. And all I push is that we need to minimize government and get it out of the market.

  2. Geoffrey Hazelton

    I did find the discussion interesting although I found myself resisting the tearing down of the country’s history without some practical suggestions of where to start on making the change. Just dropping out to maximize one’s personal liberty is not enough in my opinion. Also using emotional terms such as referring to the Civil war as “the war of northern aggression” is counter productive and a turn off. But I think I DO get where we want to go in minimizing the role of government but lets get some discussion on where to start. For instance what is happening with the Free State project? What has been accomplished and how have they done it?
    Another suggestion is do not completely throw out Objectivism. Two of Ayn Rand’s books: The Virtue of Selfishness, and Capitalism Unknown Ideal are excellent and belong on your reading list.
    Love, Grandpa

    • Nick

      The idea of American exceptionalism needs to be forgotten. It’s a great place to live, but nowhere near as nice as people make it out to be. People have to understand that something is wrong, before we ever get them to desire change.
      Did we use the term “War of Northern Aggression”? I agree with you, it’s not a good term. I believe Lou used the term “Lincoln’s War” which I think doesn’t have the same connotation. And we explained why use that term as well.
      You might get what we’re talking about, but I don’t know about everybody else. I’ll get to solutions someday, and the FSP is at the top of the list.
      I don’t completely throw out objectivism. I’m a pragmatic nihilist, so I pick up objectivist thoughts after I step out from deep intellectual discussions. I’m a proponent of their rational self-interest idea. But they get it wrong in politics. Very wrong.
      I’ll put those on my reading list.

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