Welcome to the First Episode of Anarcho-Yakitalism

This is the first podcast ever recorded of Anarcho-Yakitalism. A pretty short one, just to get us started. I’m a 15 year old rebellious smartaleck who knows a thing or two about politics and philosophy. I was indoctrinated by the Freedom Feens and the Bad Quaker.

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11 Responses to Welcome to the First Episode of Anarcho-Yakitalism

  1. Jason H.


    Great job!! You started with a great topic, stayed on topic, and was quite informative on it. Your sound is good and I’ll be checking back for more.

  2. Reka

    Nick, very nice job. I agree, being skeptical is important, but don’t you think that the flood of information through various modern media makes it harder and harder to believe anything? You really have to get it straight from the horse’s mouth in order to be reasonably sure of anything that is not backed up by clear data. Which also brings us to the question, “Of two witnesses telling what they observe first-hand about a situation, which is telling the truer truth?”. Truth is tricky. 😉

  3. Chase Anderson

    Nice work on the first episode! Honestly. I’m no radio pro but the quality is great! Amazing how much of a difference good sounding audio can do for you. Keep being a self starter.

  4. Well done Nick. Looking forward to more. If you want to do a joint show drop me a line. I just started my podcast too.

  5. Mark

    Hey, Nick.

    I heard you when you called in to Michael’s shows, and have been wanting to hear more from you. If that was your first cast, I can’t wait to hear what else you do.

    As Michael says, it gives hope to the old farts to hear rebellious smartaleks raising hell.

    Worms from Canada!

  6. Becky Robinson

    It is difficult for me to imagine you as a “rebellious smartaleck.” Great first episode. Thoughtful and articulate. Well done!

  7. Theseus

    I have to agree with MWD this is a really good sounding first podcast. I am looking for the next episode.

  8. Nick,

    Very proud of how well your first episode turned out. This is the best-sounding first episode I’ve ever heard of a podcast that’s not put out by mainstream media. And the next one will be even better.

    You’re giving hope to us old farts by being at the front of the hungry-for-liberty go-getters of the next generation.



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