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These episodes are about topics related to ethical philosophy.

Ep.84 Praise of Folly with Todd Lewis(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Todd Lewis has me on his show, the Praise of Folly Podcast, to talk about issues with anarcho-capitalism, consequentialism, and utilitarianism. Todd also has a very compelling case for theism. Very interesting conversation.

Praise of Folly YouTube:

In Praise of Folly Blog:




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Ep.57 My Struggle with Depression and How Stoicism Helped.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

This is definitely the most personal I’ve gotten on the microphone. I talk about my struggles in life and how I’ve used stoicism and other things to overcome them. It starts out sad, but I promise I bring it back in the 3rd act to a happy ending, where I end up bragging about how great my life is.

Thank you to the listeners, especially Lane Raper who donated to the show this week.


School Sucks Series on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study:




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Ep.44 Ethical Guidelines.Anarcho-Yakitalist Podcast

I talk about more ethics today, some basic principles I try to follow. Honesty, kindness, and non-aggression. nap


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What Are Our Goals?.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

I talk about being goal oriented, what it means to live a good life.


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Ep.39 What Are Our Ethics?.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

I talk about what our ethical foundations should be. Rational self-interest, consequentialism, and a touch of stoicism. Following these ethical guidelines have certainly made a benefit in my life.


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Ep.6 Convo With Scott Kersey on Ethics-Anarcho-Yakitalist Podcast

Got Scott Kersey back on to talk about ethics. I learned a lot from this conversation, I hope you will too. Scott knows his stuff. This foundation of ethics we came up with in this episode is a bit different from the one Ben Blake and I came up with, I think Scott’s makes more sense. But I want feedback, what’re your thoughts? Email me at

Recommended links from Scott Kersey:


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Ep.5 Convo With Ben Blake on Ethics-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Got an objectivist theist on! Ben Blake and I talked about ethics, especially with drawing the line with skepticism. We found we agreed on a lot. Mother Teresa was mentioned.

You can find Ben’s work on his old blog.

Objective means true for everybody, as opposed to subjective which is true for yourself. An objective law would be the law of gravity, it applied to everything. A subjective opinion would be the taste of a banana, it can change with each persons taste buds. An objective law of morality would be one that everybody follows and/or agrees upon. Ben and I came to the agreement that if there is an objective law of morality, it’s that innocent people should not be harmed. Very few people disagree, and they are psychotic. If we’re going to have a foundation of ethics, it should be that.




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