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Here’s the 4th episode of Anarcho-Yakitalism, we’re talking about ethics this time. I probably will offend my libertarian and an-cap listeners in the beginning here, but I think I redeem myself in the third act, so don’t stop if you don’t like what I’m saying about he NAP(Non-Aggression Principle). Hope you enjoy this one, pretty short.


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  1. Eris Enyo

    Great podcast. Very interesting and fresh. However, I noticed that you (and your guests) keep bringing in Mother Teresa as some kind of moral paragon. This is a mistake! MT was a fraud, and quite cruel to the children who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in her care.

    • Nick

      I used her as an example because she is seen as a paragon of morality. But I have not studied Mother Teresa beyond a few paragraphs of her Wikipedia page. I’ll look at this link.

  2. OK, Michael finally got me pointed in the right direction and I listened to your podcast. I don’t see a lot to argue about here because I’m in agreement. Self-interest can explain a heck of a lot of behavior, even morals. Don’t need God nor “natural law”.

    Just think of all the generations of humans that existed in tribal society before “syphilization” (as Edward Abbey called it). Then think of how few generations it took for those experimenters in domestication of foxes, to breed a dog-like fox. There may well be genetic components to morals/ethics (pardon me if I ignore any distinctions here), components that domesticated us. I suspect many tribal societies experimented with large numbers of “what is right or normal”. The ones that flourished are the ones that chose well, the ones we see today. Yes morality is somewhat subjective, but it rhymes. Almost every society looks down on murder. People don’t like living in societies where murder is commonplace. Such societies don’t thrive.

    You might like to see my take on property:

  3. Mark Hazelton

    I like the NAP and the MYOB. If we could get that going things would be much better all around. However, I think people go beyond the NAP. Many people are helpful, supportive and kind to others. I think an ethic that goes beyond the NAP makes the world a better place by bringing joy to the giver and the receiver. A gift of kindness can even effect those surrounding. For example, the gifts of time and support that Micheal gives to Nick to get his website going enables me to enjoy Nick’s growth as a person. I would like to see an extended principle developed that includes NAP and kindness.

  4. Lousander

    For the theist view, I would suggest Randy England or Ben Stone.

  5. Nick,

    Your show is pretty darned amazing, and getting even better. I hope you do it for years and years.

    And nothing you said irked me. I agree about the NAP. (Maybe I’m a nihilist? I’ve never considered it before.)

    I really think you’d dig writing by a guy named Paul Bonneau. He’s a friend I know in real life, we’ve hung out. He’s great. Here’s a bunch of his articles (scroll down):

    Here’s a good one to start with; the article called
    “‘Mind Your Own Business’ is as Important as The Non-aggression principle.”

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get him on the show, he’s more into writing than yaking[NICK EDIT: Yacking is what you meant.] .


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