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Ep.64 Interview with Michael W. Dean(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

I have Michael W Dean on with me to talk about some of his stories. We cover his path to liberty, his adventures in school, heroin addiction and more. Michael is the man who helped me build this podcast and he is the guy who got me on radio with him on the Freedom Feens.

Freedom Feens:

You And The Police by Boston T Party:

NewFeensLogo350x350DeepDream DAddyCat

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Ep.63 Free State Activism with Ian Freeman(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

I have Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and the Liberty Radio Network to talk about some of the things he’s involved in.

Free Talk Live:

Liberty Radio Network:

Free State Project:

Free Keene:




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Ep.62 Self-Education Review with Joshua Sheats(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Joshua Sheats of the Radical Personal Finance Podcast joins me to talk about my self-education plan from a financial standpoint. Joshua provides some great insight on business planning. Definitely a favorite of mine.


Radical Personal Finance:

Radical Personal Finance Facebook:


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Ep.61 If You Don’t Know What It Is… Don’t Eat It! With Kevin Geary and Brett Veinotte(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Kevin Geary, Brett Veinotte, and I talk about grocery shopping. What to buy? Where to buy it? We go over some strategies to avoid bad food, find good prices on healthy food, alternatives to the super market, what real food is, and more.

Rebooted Body’s Real Food Guide:

Rebooted Body:

School Sucks Project:


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Ep.60 Merrick VanLandingham on Self-Directed Learning.Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

This is the second part of the conversation with Merrick VanLandingham. We talk about how to learn on your own, and many other topics.

Bury the Moon’s EP River & Rain:

Aries’ mixtape Apolo 9:


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