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Back on the Freedom Feens

I co-hosted the Freedom Feens with Michael Dean and Nikki Darling this morning. Check the archive out here. *LATER EDIT* The link here is broken, I’ll have to search for it on my Facebook wall sometime. Sorry about that.

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Third Wheeling on the Freedom Feens

I co-hosted the Freedom Feens with Michael Dean and Garrett Fox, great show. Check it out here.

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Ep.5 Convo With Ben Blake on Ethics-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Got an objectivist theist on! Ben Blake and I talked about ethics, especially with drawing the line with skepticism. We found we agreed on a lot. Mother Teresa was mentioned.

You can find Ben’s work on his old blog.

Objective means true for everybody, as opposed to subjective which is true for yourself. An objective law would be the law of gravity, it applied to everything. A subjective opinion would be the taste of a banana, it can change with each persons taste buds. An objective law of morality would be one that everybody follows and/or agrees upon. Ben and I came to the agreement that if there is an objective law of morality, it’s that innocent people should not be harmed. Very few people disagree, and they are psychotic. If we’re going to have a foundation of ethics, it should be that.




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Building a Foundation of Ethics-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast


Here’s the 4th episode of Anarcho-Yakitalism, we’re talking about ethics this time. I probably will offend my libertarian and an-cap listeners in the beginning here, but I think I redeem myself in the third act, so don’t stop if you don’t like what I’m saying about he NAP(Non-Aggression Principle). Hope you enjoy this one, pretty short.


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Guest on Life, Liberty & Property with Bernie Greene

I was a guest on Life, Liberty & Proper Tea. Bernie and I talked about skepticism and conspiracy theories. Check it out. *LATER EDIT* This link is broken, looks like Bernie Greene and his podcast podfaded. Hopefully he’ll start back up again, greatly miss his charming accent.

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Conversation With Scott Kersey-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

David Hume

Scott and I got into some epistemology and skepticism in our talk. He took the stance of a Humean empiricist, I took my semi-nihilist view. It was all fun and polite, I learned a lot, I hope you guys will too.  Notice the recurring theme of skepticism and where we must draw a line with it. Strike a balance with critical thinking and faith. You can contact Scott at

Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

A good explanation of Hume’s philosophy, some swearing, 3 minutes.


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Building Foundation of Philosophy-Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast


We’re back with the 2nd cast of Anarcho-Yakitalism. We’re continuing with the series on philosophy, this time we’re diving deep into some tasty philosophy. There are some terms you may not know, here they are to refer to:

Epistemology: the branch of philosophy concerned with basic human knowledge.

Metaphysics: the branch of philosophy concerned with the existence of reality and what’s in it.

Munchhausen Trilemma: Hard to explain in a few sentences, this is the wiki article.

If I didn’t include something you didn’t understand, look it up, or contact me at,, or message me at Facebook. Remember to check out the Freedom Feens.



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