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Yakkin With Nick Ep.5 Revolvers, Yak Dairies, and Millennials

I received a suggestion to watch and talk about a Gary Vaynerchuk speech by my friend Jim Jesus of the Lolberts podcast. I watched it and then a clip of a Joe Rogan show with Dan Pena. Both had a message that stuck out to me, something I’ve been thinking about recently. That I don’t do enough to make me satisfied.

Gary Vaynerchuk Speech:

Joe Rogan/Dan Pena clip:

The Lolberts:

New Yakkin With Nick site:

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Yakkin With Nick Ep.4 Paper Wings

I am joined by Wilhelmina Frankzerda and Emily Mann, the musical duo called Paper Wings, and a studio audience! I’ve been paying attention to these two since they released their music together, so when I saw they were coming to Oregon I was quite excited. After their show in Summit, OR we recorded this interview. I wish I had more time to talk to them about their music, but due to my absent mindedness, I forgot to fully charge my recording device. I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Check out Paper Wings’ music at

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Yakkin With Nick Ep.3 Salesmanship With Drew Sample

I’m trying to figure out how to make money off the farm, and part of that is getting better at selling. Drew Sample has spent much of his time as a salesman, and I know he has some expertise in this area, so I wanted to talk to him about sales to get some advice. Drew is also a podcaster, so we decided to record this talk, I figured y’all might enjoy hearing some about what it really takes to run a business and be successful. Marketing and sales is a huge part of business.

You can find Drew’s work at

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Yakkin With Nick Ep.2 Just Yakkin

I talk about the direction of the show and why I’m doing this. We’ll kick off some really cool content this week.


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Yakkin With Nick Ep1: Introductions

I’m starting a new project. I miss producing content, but the Anarcho-Yakitalism podcast takes too much time for my balance of perfectionism, laziness, and greed. Yakkin With Nick will be a less structured, no holds barred, and less academic show than AnYak was. It’ll just be me, and perhaps a guest, with no editing and no fluff. Just straight yakkin.

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Ep.94 Left-Right Paradigm with Brett Veinotte(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Brett Veinotte invited me to join him to discuss a Facebook thread I started in the School Sucks Podcast Group, where I raised some questions about the “left-right” paradigm and the division between libertarians along this line.

The thread referenced:

School Sucks Project:



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Ep.93 Jim Cunagin on the Milgram Experiments(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Jim Cunagin joins me to talk about the Milgram Experiments. Stanley Milgram was a psychologist who conducted a series of experiments on obedience and authority. The results of these experiments are somewhat alarming, but there are some silver linings that Jim and I lay out here.

Book mentioned: “Obedience to Authority” by Stanley Milgram found on Amazon.


YouTube videos on Milgram Experiments:



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Ep.92 Rising Star: Caitlyn Scheel(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

Today I have an interview I did with Caitlyn Scheel a month or so ago about her acceptance into Praxis, an education program. Caitlyn is 15 years old and is directing her own education, this has made her pretty impressive. Praxis is an alternative to college that I’m excited about. With an acceptance rate of 15%, anybody that has been accepted has to be impressive. Caitlyn is the youngest participant to be accepted into Praxis.


Caitlyn’s Blog:

Praxis Website:



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Nick is Back(Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast)

I’m making my return! I apologize for my disappearance, it was very rude of me to just not let people know that I wouldn’t release a show for a while.
Now I’m back, and I let you know what the deal is here.



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